Advanced Mobility Services

Hardware and software solutions for powered-/non-powered and (IoT) equipment, human tracking providing intelligence for local and global insights.

Advanced Mobility Services provides its customers with intelligent solutions for powered and non-powered assets and people based on location. Our goal is to deliver valuable insights and timesaving solutions to improve your daily business activities by visualizing and monitoring your points of interests.

Our hardware and software solutions are the result of extensive market research which is an ongoing product developing process based on the specific requirements and demands of the market.


For monitoring "assets, machinery, vehicles, employees, suppliers and visitors," defined as `points of interest`, we have designed a range of products communicating in a structured way with our online software platform providing it with useful information such as; location, working hours, productivity, temperature, battery, maintenance, engine state and usage rate.

Advanced Mobility Services has achieved a unique position in the market as being the only provider of the following solutions:

  • Tracking and monitor people, assets and machines, both indoor and outdoor.
  • Tracking and monitor people and assets in ATEX zones “0“ and confined spaces.
  • Tracking and monitor powered & non-powered equipment for OEM and aftermarket.