Personal tracker

Personal tracker solutions

Track and monitor people on your premises, real-time, 24/7.


With a wearable tracker you connect employees, contractors and visitors to the internet. That way you always know where they are. When there is an emergency message

When these trackers are equipped with an SOS button, they can make direct contact with the person within your organization who handles these calamities via a pre-programmed protocol.This keeps the response time to a minimum.

Advanced Mobility Services is a brand independent supplier. We work together with the largest personal tracker manufacturers and can therefore offer you the most suitable solution. 


  • Avoid searching for people and increase safety and efficiency.
  • Geofence and timestamps on “permits to work”.
  • Efficient time registration and utilization of contractors.
  • Reports and forecasts on transit times and on the job hours.
  • Accurate administration and invoicing.
  • Insurance purposes. 

AMS SOS alert / AMS Cloud Add-on module

Within the multilingual management environment of AMS Cloud, notifications can be predefined. This is done on the basis of the risks that exist within your organization and/or accidents that have occurred.

With AMS SOS alert / AMS Cloud you can ensure that first emergency responders are alerted in the event of a personal emergency, an unsafe situation or if an evacuation on your premises is required. For example, first emergency responders will receive a notification with details about the emergency. AMS SOS alert looks at skills in combination with the location of the first emergency responders and calls up the right first emergency responder(s) who can be on site quickly to provide all assistance necessary to control emergency.

Examples notifications:

  • First Aid emergency
  • Fire alarm
  • Aggression
  • Explosion
  • Unsafe situation

Examples of first emergency responders:

  • Emergency response coordinator
  • Emergency response team leader
  • Fire department


  • 27-02-2017

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