Press release: LGMG reach agreement with Advanced Mobility Services telematics provider

LGMG and Advanced Mobility Services reached collaboration agreement on Telematics solution
LGMG, one of major AWP players from China, made an agreement with Advanced Mobility Services,
Netherland based company, on 24 July, 2020. LGMG will cooperate with Advance Mobility Services to
provide High?end AMS Rent and AMS Telematics solutions on the full range access equipment for
outside China market.
AMS Rent / AMS Telematics is a "cloud?ERP platform" for rental companies that are active locally and
internationally. This platform ensures user?friendly, multilingual, interaction, within online?, IOS? and
Android applications and offers telemetry functionalities within the rental processes as well. The
AMS Rent platform has been successfully implemented within a variety of customer business
Their goal is to deliver valuable insights and timesaving solutions to improve daily business activities
by visualizing and monitoring points of interests. The hardware and software solutions are the result
of extensive market research which is a progressive process based on the specific requirements and
demands of the market.
About LGMG
Lingong Group Jinan Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. (LGMG) is a wholly?owned subsidiary of Lingong
Machinery Group. LGMG offers a full range of scissor lifts, articulating boom lifts and telescopic
boom lifts. To meet the rapid growth, the LGMG Europe was established in September 2018 to
provide comprehensive services to the region. Further nurturing this expansion, LGMG NA was also
established in 2019 and have five locations today in Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Georgia, Texas and
About Advanced Mobility Services
Advanced Mobility Services provides their customers intelligent solutions for "(non?)powered
equipment and people" such as, AMS Rent and AMS Telematics. They offer online bookkeeping
systems and customer portals as well. The entire rental processes are digitally automated. AMS
offers their own telemetry hardware and integrates third?party hardware as well for the
management and localization of (non?)powered equipment and people.
Using advanced loT features they can provide their customers with extensive information by
generating a variety of global insights, monitoring: "assets, machinery, vehicles, employees, suppliers
and visitors," defined as `points of interest` as a range of solutions that represents; location
information, working hour information, productivity information, temperature information, battery
information, maintenance information, engine state information and usage rate information.
Contact information:
LGMG Europe B.V. Laanweg 16, NL?3208 LC Spijkenisse, The Netherlands, Tel: +31(0)850642777
Advanced Mobility Services BV, Schiedamsedijk 120, NL? 3134 KK, The Netherlands, Tel: +31(0)853038692
Contact: Mr. P van Ast /

  • 30-07-2020

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