AMS Rental

AMS Rental software module:

Your rental ERP package completely in the cloud. The process from customer management to reservation from contract to invoice.

Manage your fleet with our powerful online equipment rental software.

Our rental software combines the latest needs of equipment rental companies, with the latest cloud software technologies. Gives you insight everywhere and always.

Digitized your entire rental process from reservation through to invoicing.

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Get ahead of your competition and get the most out of your equipment fleet with our AMS rental software module.
Book,assign,deliver,manage and control your entire equipment fleet with AMS rental software.  

AMS rental functionalities:

  • Fleet/planner management
  • Contracts
  • Invoicing

Fleet management:

Digital overview of your rental fleet through our "availability calendar". In which the status "reserved, rented or available" of your rental fleet is displayed at a glance.

From the availability calendar you can make your reservations and confirm them to your customer by email. With advance notice for transporting your machine (s) and booking accessories as a rental or purchase item.

  • Availability calendar
  • Reservations confirmed digitally
  • Addition of accessories and merchandise
  • Transport planning
  • Advance transport notice


Prepare rental contracts directly or from reservations based on price scale management with possible price agreements. With final delivery note for transport. Send rental contracts by e-mail and have them digitally signed by the contractor.

Recording discounts at customer level.
Rental contract changes: Extend, pause and change machine. Complete rental contracts with associated costs for transport and fuel. 


Invoicing after or during the rental period, automatically on date or partial invoice on date. Send invoices directly by mail.
Crediting invoices up to line level. Insight into invoice history per customer. With a link to an accounting package makes it possible to book sales at machine level.


Cloud solution, personal dashboard, CRM properties, ERP package, Iot Integration, API options, automatic notification options, clear reports, integrations with accounting software, revenue bookings per branch and at machine level, Expandable with IOS and Android Apps with digital drawing.



Client app:

Your customers can extend and stop the rent via the app. Customers have insight into their rental overview and rental history. Can request a user manual of the rented machine (s) and report damage with a photo function.

 Driver and employee app:

 With this app, both your own and hired drivers receive their collection and return assignments digitally. Navigation function to machine (s), logging out of machines and adding fuel. Digital signing by the customer of the delivery note and the reporting of damage with photo function.

  • Link with external personnel planning module for "manned rental" application.
  • Link with existing ERP / accounting packages.

  • 17-10-2018

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