Telematics, the original name of Internet of Things

Telematics has been around for decades and now the technology has been hijacked by the fancy IoT revolution.

According to Wikipedia It all started in the late 1970’s. Telematics is a translation of the French word télématique which was first coined by Simon Nora and Alain Minc in a 1978 report to the French government on the computerization of society. It referred to the transfer of information over telecommunications and was a merging of the French words télécommunications ("telecommunications") and informatique ("computing science"). The original broad meaning of telematics continues to be used in academic fields but in commerce it now generally means vehicle telematics.

Telematics has existed longer as a word than the phrase the “Internet of Things”. Telematics today involves sending data over the internet and hence is a part of the IoT domain.

Advanced Mobility Services delivers the additional benefits
Some benefits of IoT are pretty easy to see. Remote view of battery status or operating hours can ensure that service is delivered on time and the mechanic is prepared for the tasks at hand. There is also a remote and real time view on accidents (crash sensor, operator behaviour) and the wrong usage of equipment. Imagine, for example exceeding loading capacity or running with low oil level. This already  has allowed us to organize a partnership with a large insurance company. They also see the value of our products as it helps them to reduce costs for investigation and also reduces equipment misuse which ensures further savings.

Advanced Mobility Services is specialised in combining the IoT world with two other fancy tech words: Big data and Data analytics. This is where we overtake the competition and exceed customer expectation. Not only is it easy to send and present data but at Advanced Mobility Services we also show the customers what they can do with it. In other words, transforming data into tools. All the data is presented in easy reports and that ensures the data is used instead of stored and never looked at again.
Another main advantage is that Advanced Mobility Services also monitors assets and people when necessary. If we track a person on a building site he is more likely to follow rules. This also applies to someone that has to identify themselves before using heavy equipment.

If you are interested in a short (or long) demo, let me know.

Corné Roeraade

  • 03-01-2018

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