C2M Container Tracker GSM

Advanced Mobility Services hardware devices and cloud-based management solution increases daily visibility and enable you to manage your entire supply chain to make your business more efficient. It allows your company to execute more jobs simply because your assets and equipment are at disposal without delay.

A shock sensor records impacts to monitor whether equipment has been dropped or mishandled during transport.

Containers and trailers are often loaded with high-value goods and therefore require extra security. Obtain a location-based insight about real-time location of assets and equipment to minimize risks like misuse, damage, loss, and theft. Activate geofences and get alarms, when a trailer, a container or an asset leave the selected geographic area. AMS can even tell you which asset has been delivered by the individual trailer or container.

IoT sensor device

Advanced Mobility Servicesdevice offers IoT sensors that provide data about position, temperature, humidity/moisture, dew point, shock, tilt, and light. It forms a valuable tool to control and monitor cold chain and high-value goods. The utilization feature is another smart sensor that measures working hours and performance of the asset.

  • Location-based insights create security
  • Secure high-value goods
  • Examine box trailers, container chassis, dollies, and other assets
  • Increasing efficiency
  • Cost saving
  • Monitor the exact location of assets and non-powered equipment
  • Theft and loss recovery
  • Optiomal Client Portal
  • Integration into existing third-party ERP and management systems

The most robust hardware for all environments and all-weather conditions. All devices are IP69k rated.



Battery for years 

The tracking devices exploit the full battery lifespan and manage low power state when the tracking device is inactive.

Small device

The tracking device is easy to hide and can be placed anywhere on assets and equipment.

Global coverage with all tracking devices

The battery-operated tracking device supports true global coverage – cellular networks and Iridium™ satellites. Iridium™ satellite tracking device maximizes coverage for mission-critical operations.

Effective Project Collaboration:
Advanced Mobility Services with a great team of companies as:

  • Port of Rotterdam
  • IBM
  • Cisco
  • Esri
  • Intel
  • HyET Solar
  • Van Donge de Roo
  • Awakeai, Betta Batteries
  • Concept god
  • Simwave
  • Tripany.com
  • Kalmar
  • Shipping Technology

Port of Rotterdam sends smart container on trip around the world

The smartest container this planet has even seen... check: www.weare42.io

Container 42 is an innovation, research and serendipity platform for stakeholders in shipping, ports and related technology. It is meant to answer questions about the future of technology, sustainability and logistical efficiency.


In collaboration with Tripany has provided many Cloud and App solutions in the areas of IoT, Telematic and fleet management. Our partner, Advanced Mobility Services, provides its customers with intelligent solutions for powered and non-powered assets and people based on location.


Tripany is the link between several solutions like Cisco, AMS, third parties and other online integrations. Our expertise is to provide solutions in a large range of products like ERP, CRM, Management Platforms, Online applications and mobile applications.


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