Digital Presence Platform

Monitor your point-of-interests real-time

Visualize and identify real-time information about your point-of-interest on your premises with our `Digital Presence Platform` solution that can be connected to any modern display that features an HDMI input.

You can define different views to broadcast on your digital display, such as safety messages, warnings, adjustable site overviews. The `Digital Presence Platform` provides visualization on a map by predefined geofences and presents visitors and employees in a clear overview. 

Our `Digital Presence Platform` devices can be easily installed by connecting them to a power source, a modern display with an HDMI input and providing the devices with access to the internet.

The `Digital Presence Platform` devices and their functionalities can be managed in the `Advanced Mobility Services Online Platform`

Some features:

  • Real-time positioning information
  • Automatic geofence zoom
  • Automatic attendee overview   
  • Notification manager
  • Multiscreen manager

track & trace narrowcasting

track & trace tv screen

track & trace musterpoint