H2M Reporter

Track and monitor people on your premises, real-time, 24/7.

H2M Reporter is suitable to track and monitor your employees, contractors and visitors on your premises. The H2M Reporter is a wearable lightweight badge which is connected to our “localization” system. It provides an overview of all people on the premises and generates historical information.

The H2M reporter can be used in Atex Zone “0” areas. Personal information such as license, employer and “permit to work” can be stored on the H2M‐Reporter personal tag. The personal tag can provide or deny entry to buildings, area’s and grant access to powered equipment.

The H2M reporter works in‐ and‐outdoor. A wireless mesh network is constructed using wireless intelligent readers that can be combined without any limitations. They enable the definition of areas of control, in which both the presence of intelligent Asset Tags and the telemetry information that they provide can be interrogated. By adding readers, the wireless communication network can be expanded to form areas of control in any required form and size. All the information from the network is provided to our LOCALIZATION SYSTEM server via a master reader.


  • Avoid searching for people and increase safety and efficiency.
  • Geofence and timestamps on “permits to work”.
  • Efficient time registration and utilization of contractors.
  • Reports and forecasts on transit times and on the job hours.
  • Accurate administration and invoicing.
  • Insurance purposes.

The H2M Reporter can be delivered with the following options.

  • Panic button on the badge.
  • Integration options with all existing access control systems 



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