M2M Reporter

Control and monitor your powered assets at any location with GPS, 24/7.

M2M Reporter is suitable for every asset with its own power unit and is designed according to the ”one‐size fits‐all” principle. M2M reporter provides in and outputs for several analog and digital sensors. The M2M Reporter is designed to work in harsh environments and is therefore dust and waterproof. (IP67) The M2M Reporter transmits its data via GSM/GPRS networks to our software platform. 



  • Avoid unnecessary visits from service mechanics.
  • Remote view on operating hours makes preventive service possible.
  • Efficient logistics and utilization of the fleet.
  • Reports and forecasts on occupancy rate.
  • Accurate administration and invoicing.
  • Log history for maintenance, repair and inspection.
  • Insurance purposes.

The M2M Reporter can be delivered with the following options.

  • Indoor, in combination with indoor GPS localization system
  • CAN bus functionalities: OpenCAN and J1939.
  • User authentication.
  • Immobilizer, start/stop relay
  • Optional World GSM/GPRS coverage
  • Installation and configuration


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