Mobile App users

The mobile app comes with many functionalities for an optimal performance in the field and more…

The mobile app comes with special features for outside mechanics, managers and deliverers. It has an easy interface that enables the user to easily confirm delivery, repair or send out requests. The user can also add photos and remarks to machines, shipments and customers.

In addition the online platform enables the manager in the office to send out tasks and requests. Avoids discussion about what has been said on the phone and leave a clear digital trail you can track back.

All data will be stored and used in the online platform for statistics and reporting.

Some features:

  • P.O.I. overview
  • P.O.I. finder
  • Track and Trace
  • Planning insights
  • Manual or certificate insights  
  • Damage/ calamity reporting 
  • Helpdesk function

track & trace mobile

track & trace Android and iOS